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How can I help my child before the beginning of Kindergarten?



Develop a shared love of reading

Kindergarten classrooms are literacy-rich environments, and students will have regular opportunities to engage with a range of quality texts.

You can assist your child by reading their favourite stories to them or with them, and talking about the stories that you have shared. This is also a wonderful opportunity to help develop your child’s sense of curiosity; you might encourage them to ask questions or give opinions about favourite books or characters.




Name writing

Students will have many opportunities to practise writing their name during the first few weeks of Kindergarten. If they are able to recognise and write a few letters of their name, this will assist them in locating their belongings and identifying their work.


Colouring and drawing

Drawing pictures is an excellent way for young students to communicate about the world around them. You might also like to encourage them to tell you about their pictures.


Fine motor skills

Fine motor strength helps students to actively participate in writing and scissor tasks as well as any hands on activities. Fine motor strength can be developed through practicing the following skills:

  • Playing with Lego

  • Using clothes pegs to pick up small items

  • Using a spray bottle to help water the garden

  • Play dough construction

  • Threading beads onto string

  • Jigsaw puzzle




Talking about simple mathematics at home

Young students develop important mathematical thinking through everyday experiences that they have at home. You can help to support this development by talking about mathematics when you are cooking, shopping, or by spotting numbers in the environment.



All Kindergarten students need to be able to go to the toilet by themselves. This includes being able to pull their pants up and down and pushing a tap on to wash their hands.

Kindergarten students should not come to school wearing nappies.

There is soap in all toilets and sanitiser in all classrooms, as well as in the playground.





A Special Place

This book is a ‘welcome to school’ gift for your child. The book shows that school can be an exciting place where anything is possible. Enjoy reading this book with your child, looking at the pictures and talking about school together. 

Children love spending time with you listening to stories and looking at books. This can develop into a love of reading and help your child to become a successful learner throughout life.