Fairfield Public School

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The canteen is open from 8.30 every morning. If you wish to order your child's lunch, please order at the canteen before 9am.

Healthy Lunch

There are two eating breaks during the school day:

  • Lunch

  • Recess 

Your child needs food for each of these breaks. Your child needs to be able to open and close their own food containers.

If you are sending packets of food to school for your child, please help them practice how to open these packets. You may like to make a small cut in the packet to make opening easier.

We ask for no nuts e.g. peanut butter or Nutella

Please label lunch boxes and drink bottles with your child's name.

Pick one food from each food group.





Water Refill Stations

There are water refill stations in the playground for your child to refill their bottle during the day.