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Best Start

Children start school with a range of early literacy and numeracy knowledge, skills and understandings. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a state wide assessment that helps teachers identify the literacy and numeracy skills of each student at the beginning of Kindergarten. The assessment provides teachers with information on how to best support each student’s needs at school. It consists of both a literacy and numeracy component. Click here for more information about Best Start.

This Best Start Assessment can also be completed in a student's home language to support them to demonstrate their literacy and numeracy skills in the language which they are most confident in.


Literacy and Numeracy at Home

This resource from the Department of Education includes information on how to help your child with literacy and numeracy at home. Click on the image to the right to open the document in English. The information is also available in a wide range of other languages, including Arabic, Assyrian and Vietnamese. Click here.